GenSurg CESR (Surgical Specialties) Course - non-UK candidates

About the Course

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) is a certification awarded by the General Medical Council (GMC) in the United Kingdom that allows entry into the Specialist Register and enables successful candidates to be appointable as a substantive consultant in their specialty in the UK. Your application is assessed against the standards set out in the latest CCT curriculum of your specialty. Once you submit your application, you are assigned a Specialist Applications Advisor by the GMC. Within 4-6 weeks of your application, the advisor will provide you with the first assessment of your evidence. You will be given 60 days to provide any additional evidence you may want to submit. After 60 days have passed, your sample of evidence will be sent to your verifiers. Once all your verifiers have responded, and referees have submitted the structured references in support of your application, the GMC will be in a position to forward your application to the Joint Committee on Surgical Training (JCST). From here, it should take a maximum of 3 months to receive a decision. Your application will be evaluated by the CESR committee of JCST against the standards set out in the latest CCT curriculum in your specialty. The decision can be an “Accept”, “Reject” or a “Resubmit after further evidence”. You should aim to get an “Accept” decision in the first submission.

This course is conducted over 4 sessions of 2 hours each on Zoom and is aimed to get you ready for CESR application with a thorough discussion on the quality, types, and numbers of evidence you need to produce against each of the 4 domains of your application. We will email you the Zoom Meeting ID and Password 48 hours before the first day of the course. It is expected that after completing this course, you should be in a position to know what and how much of evidence to submit in order to crack CESR in the first submission.

Eligibility – International / non-UK doctors who currently live overseas but plan to apply for CESR in General Surgery/Urology/Plastic Surgery/Cardiothoracic Surgery and any other surgical specialty. This course will help you understand in detail what evidence to collect from your home country before you move to the UK and evidence you can continue to collect once you are in the UK in support of your CESR application.

Dates: TBC (please do not book till the dates are announced)

Learning Delivery & Style

  • Conducted online – 4 sessions of 2 hours each on Zoom.
  • Interactive discussion
  • Each of the domains will be covered extensively with regard to the quality and quantity and different types of evidence.
  • Going through a sample application that was successful in the first attempt.
  • Going through a successful CESR application sample including what to expect in the application form.
  • Opportunity to ask questions, as many as you may have.

Outcomes of Learning

  • Get expert advice on how to submit a successful CESR application.
  • Learn about the eligibility criteria.
  • Receive practical guidance on how to complete the application form.
  • Explore the pitfalls in your application and learn how to overcome them.
  • Get practice interview questions for your first Consultant post application.

GenSurg CESR (Surgical Specialties) Course - non-UK candidates

Date : TBC

Price - £525

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